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Meek Mill Covers Fall Issue of XXL Magazine

Meek Mill is on the latest cover of XXL Magazine and writes a letter to his younger self.

Life is about to get very real for you. Like, beyond your dreams and nightmares. I’m writing you from 2018 because I need you to be very present in 2006. I need you to focus on the weight of your talent and how it aligns with your purpose. I know, right now, life is tough, but you have to believe me when I say it’s only temporary. You will not be a victim of your circumstance. Your struggles are just building you a greater tomorrow. You were gifted the skill to communicate to the masses. You are here to inspire, awaken and motivate the generations to come. Understand that the real dreaming begins when you are clear about where you are going. You can’t chase dreams without a vision.

My question to you, Meek, is: Are you willing to travel those rocky roads towards your throne? Most importantly: Are you sure you want this responsibility?